How to control the VDRsync GUI:

Available Mouse Controls:

On the progress bar, or the Preview Area

Single Click, left or right

Jump to Click position

Double Click, left (or right):

Jump to the next mark to the left (or right)

Click Middle Button (wheel "Click")

Set or unset a mark

Turn the mouse wheel

Move one step forward or back in the recording

Actions when above the "jog dial"

Turn the mouse wheel

Moves the jog dial left or right

Right click on dial

Reset to zero

Left click and hold

Mouse movement now controls the dial, until you release the button

Keyboard Commands:


Jump 60 seconds back


Jump 60 seconds forward

Keypad 7

Jump to previous mark

Keypad 9

Jump to next mark

Keypad 4

Move currently selected mark left

Keypad 6

Move currently selected mark right

Keypad 0

Toggle mark

Keypad 2

Start cutting (not working)

Left, Right

Move one step left, right

Up and Down

Reset Jog Dial to 0

Shift Left

Multiply the step size by 10 until key is released

Crtl Left

Bind cursor keys to Jog Dial, until key is released

S (kept pressed):

Force step size to be 0.5 Seconds, no matter how is is defined now, until S is released

Alt or AltGr

Jump to the next mark. Perform all navigation commands with the marks, until Alt is released

Numbers 1 to 9

Set step size to 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, or 500 seconds, respectively. Crtl still multiplies the step size by ten